Endoscopic ear surgery is minimally invasive surgery to operate on tiny, delicate structures within the middle ear. It differs from traditional ear surgery in that surgeons access the middle ear through the ear canal rather than through an incision behind the ear. This causes less pain and results in a faster recovery.

Ear Endoscopy Surgery Mumbai

Most middle-ear conditions that we treat with minimally invasive are not life-threatening, but they can greatly affect a person’s quality of life. As these conditions progress, they can destroy nearby structures, such as the ear bones, facial nerve, and inner ear. Surgery is often necessary to avoid complications such as hearing loss, facial paralysis, balance problems, or brain infections such as meningitis, which can be life-threatening.

Our highly skilled team is pioneering research on the minimally invasive ear surgery to improve currently used techniques and to discover more ways to use the advantages of the procedure. Our surgeons train otolaryngologists nationally in the latest minimally invasive and open surgical procedures, and they also speak and present their research at both national and international conferences.

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