Dr. Mitul Bhatt is very experienced in earlobe repairs which involves surgical revision of the skin of the ear lobe, reshaping this area to improve the aesthetic appearance.  If you have stretched earlobes, gauged ears, enlarged earring holes from ageing or heavy earrings, or even if you just wish to reduce the size of your earlobes, we may be able to assist with your goals.

The procedure is performed under local anaesthetics and depending on the anatomy of he earlobe, it may take between 30 to 90 minutes per earlobe.  Sometimes internal sutures may be required. External scarring is minimal and the scar will gradually fades over a period of a few weeks. Our special technique have achieved very high level of patient satisfaction.

What can we do with Earlobe surgery?

  • Repair large stretched earlobe & holes from stretchers
  • Repair Torn earlobes
  • Reduce the size of the hole from heavy earrings
  • Reduce the size of hole from ageing
  • Reduce and adjust the size of earlobe to suit the face
  • Correct Pixie Earlobes (Pixie earlobes can occur after Facelift procedures)