We use Professional ear piercing cartridge gun, which holds a disposable cassette. The sterile encapsulated cassette contains one pre-loaded earring making the ear piercing more hygienic and easier to do.  We have three staff members who are trained to perform the ear piercing procedure. We also do repairs for incorrectly pierced ears or piercings that were done years ago and may not be aesthetically pleasing.

Here at Advanced ENT Centre, Mumbai we acknowledge that young children can often become overwhelmed when they get their ears pierced. Because of this we can perform the procedure safely with double operators and minimal fuss. This allows for reduced stress for everyone involved! This is a specialised service so please request the double operators when booking with our helpful reception staff. Everyone is required to fill out our Piercing consent form so please arrive early. Parental consent is required for those aged 16 or under. If you have any queries please feel free to contact us.

Care and Management Advice:

How can I manage my ear after they have been pierced and prevent infection? Remember that once you have your ear pierced, care and management of the piercing is very important. Some tips to caring for your ear piercing;

  • Avoid touching your ears as much as possible
  • Do not remove the studs from your ears for 6-8 weeks after the piercing is done
  • Cleanse your ear lobes twice a day with the antiseptic spray (we will provide you with this spray)
  • Be aware of any signs of excessive redness, irritation, itchiness or soreness. If these symptoms appear, consult with your Doctor.