Adenoid tissue is considered as first line immunological defence mechanism in childhood. Adenoid hypertrophy in children is a common cause of nasal obstruction. It usually gets atrophied by puberty. Adenoid hypertrophy persisting in adults is a cause of nasal obstruction.

A randomized prospective study was conducted on adult patients aged above 20 years of age presenting with bilateral nasal obstruction at a tertiary care hospital, for duration of 20 months from January 2018 to August 2019. The differential diagnosis of adenoid hypertrophy was evaluated and role of endoscopic adenoidectomy was studied.

The various associated causes of adenoid hypertrophy in adults showed previous history of adeno-tonsillectomy, allergy, deviated nasal septum and smoking. In all cases endoscopic assisted adenoidectomy was performed. Post adenoidectomy patients were asymptomatic in 21 cases, partial improvement in 6 cases and failure in 3 cases. Enlarged adenoid in adults should be considered in the differential diagnosis of cases suffering from bilateral nasal obstruction, or presenting as a nasopharyngeal mass with aural problems. Endoscopic adenoidectomy is safe and reliable. The nasal endoscope aids in removal of adenoid completely with good haemostasis, without any injury to Eustachian tube.