Nasal fractures are the most common kind of facial fractures in adults and account for greater than 50% of all facial fractures. The most frequent cause of fracture is blunt trauma to the midface. This kind of trauma frequently is a result of fighting, sports, and motor vehicle accidents.

The nasal bone is consist of bones and cartilages, supporting the skeletal structure. This structural support is necessary for the aesthetic midface appearance and also for inspiration. To protect this framework an urgent evaluation is necessary. Initial examination may, sometimes, be difficult because of the diffuse nasal edema. Half of nasal fractures, often severe injuries, require reoperative rhinoplasty.

Nasal fracture is less common in children under 5 years old , due to the less facial trauma exposure. There is an increasing frequency with age, especially between 16-20 years old boys. Pure nasal fractures occured heavily among men under 25 years of age, and the major cause is fighting.

In children and women physical abuse should be remembered and be evaluated immidiately. Nasal fractures may be alone and/or with other facial fractures.