Advanced ENT Centre is an expert in adult and paediatric voice disorders and often provides advice to other Speech Pathologists in difficult clinical scenarios.

With the use of video stroboscopy to identify various vocal cord conditions and abnormalities. This technology provides a magnified view of the larynx and simulates slow motion vibration of the vocal cords which can assist in identification and management of subtle vocal cord and laryngeal pathologies.

After a local anaesthetic spray, a small flexible telescope is passed via the nose to then visualize the voice box. This is recorded, along with the frequency and other details of the patient’s voice, on a high definition camera. Following the examination, our specialists go through the video with the patient so they can develop an understanding of their voice issue. This is a very valuable process for both the patient and the treating team.

Following on from this examination, most patients will benefit from voice therapy, and occasionally some may need surgery with our specialists. Surgery is the last resort and only recommended if less invasive options are not sufficient to achieve what the patient wants and needs from their voice.